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External costs of urban freight transport

Authors: Kenneth Løvold Rødseth, Harald Thune-Larsen
Report nr: 1838/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2370-8
Language: Norwegian
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“Bylogistikkprogrammet” hosted by the Norwegian Public Road Administration aims to establish a knowledge base for freight transport in the city. The program sees a potential for use of economic analysis of measures targeting urban logistics in Norway. This report is a building block in the establishment of a framework for economic analysis of urban logistics. It summarizes main results of a pilot study on external costs of urban logistics. The purpose of the study has been to describe relevant cost components, identify data and methods for further analysis, and to provide preliminary estimates for selected cost components. The report provides recommendations for further work on calculating the level of external costs and provides updated calculations of marginal external noise costs associated with road traffic.


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