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Evaluation of the "Speak out!" road safety campaign in Telemark

Authors: Pål Ulleberg, Rune Elvik, Peter Christensen
Report nr: 722/2004
ISBN: 82-480-0431-7
Language: Norwegian
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The road safety campaign "Speak out!" was launched in Telemark county in 1999. The campaign appeals to passengers riding in cars to "Speak out!" about dangerous driving, by telling drivers to drive more carefully. The campaign ended temporarily in 2001, but started again during springtime 2004. Due to the fact that the campaign has been implemented in two time periods, the present report consists of to sections. Section 1 estimates whether the "Speak out!" campaign carried out in the time period 1999-2001 had any effects on the number of killed or injured road users. The results do not indicate any reduction in the number of injured or killed road users during the period the campaign lasted. Section 2 contains an evaluation of the "Speak out!" campaign that started in 2004. The results show that the target group evaluated the campaign favourably.


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