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Environmental annoyances in Norway 1997-2001

Authors: Marika Kolbenstvedt, Ronny Klæboe
Report nr: 592/2002
ISBN: 82-480-0281-0
Language: Norwegian
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The national surveys of living conditions (NSLC) are undertaken every 4th year. In 2001 3250 persons (67% response rate) responded to questions about how they perceive different noise and air pollution sources. As the same questions were used in the 1997 changes in people's annoyances over the four year period can be analysed. The survey documents that road traffic is the source of the environmental problems that affect most people. 12% report that they are somewhat or highly annoyed outside their dwelling by road traffic, while the corresponding figure for aircraft noise is 5%. The relocation of Oslo Airport from Fornebu located near Oslo to Gardermoen and reductions in the emission of vehicular and other air pollutants contribute to the reductions in annoyances. The lack of more detailed exposure measures and control with modifying factors makes it difficult to numerically assess the effect of measures against noise and air pollution.


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