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Effects of Covid-19 for foreign transports to and from Norway

Authors: Daniel Ruben Pinchasik, Inger Beate Hovi
Report nr: 1916/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1972-5
Language: Norwegian
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The pandemic brought about societal restrictions, first in China, then in Europe, affecting production in many industries and operations in some Chinese ports. Resulting imbalances and delays in the container shipping market caused major ramifications. When the pandemic hit, the entire transport industry expected major demand reductions for goods and for transport. Instead, after a short, large downturn, goods consumption increased around the globe. Overall freight volumes from Norwegian foreign trade were rather stable during the pandemic. Some goods types and modes had increased volumes in 2020, and additionally in 2021, despite capacity challenges, particularly within intercontinental container shipping and airfreight. Freight finds new ways, but with increased transport times and costs. When some Chinese ports were closed, ships called at other ports instead. Capacity challenges and major delays for container ships and simultaneous challenges in the airfreight market resulted in increased rail transport between China and Europa, but can by no means replace the freight capacity of container ships.


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