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Diesel Vehicles. Particulate emission traps - benefits and costs

Authors: Rolf Hagman
Report nr: 940/2008
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0849-1
Language: Norwegian
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Different Particulate emission traps and the cost benefits for diesel vehicles in big cities are valuated in this report. Efficient integrated Particulate emission traps that comply with the Euro 5 limits (0,005 g/km) are found economically profitable for society. When installation of integrated Particulate emission traps is possible, this action also economically profitable for used diesel cars that are classified according to the Euro 3-4 limits. Installation of more simple open Particulate emission traps, as is done in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, is from a technical and economical point of view an action where reliability and efficiency can be questioned. Simple open Particulate emission traps for diesel cars remove the particulates with an efficiency of 20-40 percent, but is not calculated to be an economically profitable action for society in Norway.


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