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Cycling in the city of Moss

Authors: Erik Bjørnson Lunke, Jørgen Aarhaug, Grétar Ævarsson, Aslak Fyhri, Nina Hulleberg, Rikke Ingebrigtsen, Christian Weber
Report nr: 1600/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2096-7
Language: norsk
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The city of Moss has a fairly low bicycle share, compared to the number of car users and pedestrians. Young people cycle more than older people. Cyclists in Moss travel relatively short distances, and most of the cycling takes place in and around Moss city center. Many cyclists travel over the Jeløy bridge and in Vogts gate. In this area there are also many cyclists who feel insecure, because of many cars and poor infrastructure for cyclists. Here there is a great need for better conditions for cyclists.


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