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Cycling against red light - extent and causes

Authors: Torkel Bjørnskau
Report nr: 821/2006
ISBN: 82-480-0607-7
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0608-5
Language: Norwegian
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On average, bicyclists ride against red lights in one out of three cases. Men do so more often than women, but there are no differences between age groups. The probability of riding against red increases (i) at right hand turns (ii) when signals are located at the bottom of a downhill trajectory, (iii) when signals are slow to change to green and (iv) when others walk or ride against red. The probability of stopping increases (i) when one rides together with children, (ii) when children wait for green light, (iii) at left hand turns and (iv) when the crossing road has more than two lanes. A majority think that those who ride against red lights are law abiding in other areas and that the best countermeasure is to better arrange for bicycling in general.


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