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Costs in port terminals

Authors: Stein Erik Grønland, Kenneth Løvold Rødseth
Report nr: 1672/2018
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2196-4
Language: Norwegian
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The project has evaluated the classification of ports used in the Norwegian national freight model (NGM). The present classification is used as the basis for cost differentiation for loading/unloading of ships. The project has used data from a previous project called Export at the Institute of Transport Economics to evaluate the productivity in the ports for different types and sizes of vessels. The analysis showed that the basis system for differentiation should be kept. For container vessels an extra class of ports is added. For container vessels, lolo break-bulk vessels and reefer vessels there are some minor reclassifications. For all kinds of vessels, some of the productivity assumptions in NGM’s cost models are adjusted based on the findings in the project. For all ports, new and specific values for cargo fees are found. All results from the project are implemented in NGM.


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