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Contracting out local park and road services: Insights from Oslo

Authors: Merethe Dotterud Leiren, Ingjerd Solfjeld
Report nr: 1521/2016
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1756-1
Language: Norwegian
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The aim of this study is to increase the understanding of how municipalities organise local technical services. It also provides insights into different views related to outsourcing of park and road services in a large Norwegian municipality, which has introduced competitive tendering for all its park and road maintenance services. The contribution shows that these sectors have been re-organised several times. Originally the municipality performed its road maintenance tasks in-house via Oslo vei (Oslo Road), which in 2001 became a municipality-owned stock enterprise. In 2012, it went bankrupt. Oslo carried out its park services in-house until it founded a municipal operation enterprise, Park og Idrett oslo KF (Park and sports), which was dissolved in 2009. When the Agency for Urban Environment was established in 2011, the municipality also stopped carrying out park services in-house. Since 2012 maintenance of park and road services has been procured. This case study is primarily based on interviews with employees in the city of Oslo.


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