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Business and local competitiveness in Akershus

Authors: Frants Gundersen, Anja Fleten Nielsen, Ove Langeland
Report nr: 1673/2018
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2197-1
Language: Norwegian
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The business sector in Akershus is growing, and employment is growing faster than the population. Registry data, regression analysis and a survey are used to detect local competitiveness. Areas with an industry with local anchorage are the most competitive. Large business environments, mixed use between industry and housing, urbanity/centrality and specialization are also an advantage in some cases. High level of educated employees, on the other hand, are not significant positive in the analysis. Classical location factors such as infrastructure, land prices, etc. are listed as the most important location factors, but we also see signs that characteristics for making businesses attractive to employees are emphasized, such as proximity to residential areas and local private and cultural services.


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