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Before and after evaluations of bicycle measures

Authors: Michael Wøhlk Jæger Sørensen, Torkel Bjørnskau, Aslak Fyhri, Tineke de Jong
Report nr: 1392/2015
ISBN: 978-82-480-1609-0
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1608-3
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Hele rapporten

We do not know much about the effects of bicycle measures. This report describes how to make before and after evaluations of physical bicycle measures. The purpose of the evaluation depends on the expected effects. It may be to examine the effect on transport mode, safety, subjective safety, mobility, comfort, experience and health. How to make data collection depends on the purpose of the evaluation. It may be to use existing data, do traffic counting, do observation or make surveys. It is important to remember to make data collection in before period, to control for confounding factors using control sites and that the evaluation must have a size that make it possible to get significant results.


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