Urbaneff meeting in Oslo

Between Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of March the project group had a workshop together with the expert group appointed for the project.

From the expert group Professor David Banister (Oxford University) and Associate Professor Anssi Joutsiniemi (Tampere University) participated. Participants from the project group were Dr. Aud Tennøy (TØI, project leader), Professor Petter Næss (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Inger Beate Hovi (TØI), Paal Brevik Wangsness (TØI) and Anders Tønnesen (TØI).

From left: Petter Næss, Aud Tennøy, Anssi Joutsiniemi, David Banister, Paal Brevik Wangsness and Inger Beate Hovi. Not in the picture: Morten Skou Nicolaisen, Frants Gundersen and Anders Tønnesen

During the meeting all WP’s were presented and discussed, with the aim of clarifying challenges and opportunities. Among the things discussed was one of the cases in WP4, where the effects of urban road capacity south of Oslo was focused on (see map below).

Map: Two stage road capacity expansion between Vinterbro and Klemetsrud (red and green lines)


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