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60 per cent CO2-reduction from transport within 2050?

The potential for reducing the CO2 emissions from domestic Norwegian transport within the 2050 horizon has been analysed. Under strongly optimistic assumptions, a 60 per cent decrease compared to the 2010 level may be envisaged.

The electric car Nissan Lief. Photo. Michael W. J. Sørensen

By far the most efficient climate policy instrument so far applied to Norwegian transport is the CO2 graduated component of the vehicle purchase tax, coupled with the substantial tax exemptions and privileges enjoyed by battery electric cars.

While the continued and sharpened application of tax incentives may come a long way towards eliminating CO2 emissions from private cars, greenhouse gas abatement in the freight sector is more challenging.

Norwegian Transport Towards the Two-Degree Target: Two Scenarios TØI Report 1286/2013 Author: Lasse Fridstrøm


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