Research project


Urban development and public transport.

IPTC will develop novel knowledge concerning how cities and public transport systems ought to be developed to increase the competitiveness of public transport (and walking and cycling) versus the private car, and which changes in planning and decision-making processes if development is to be steered in this direction.

In the project, we investigate how urban structure and qualities of public transport systems affect public transport competitiveness versus the private car in cities of different sizes.

We further investigate current planning and policy-making processes, to identify critical factors affecting whether plans produced have high or low goal achievement potentials with respect to improving public transport competitiveness, and analyse which changes are needed if processes are to develop plans with higher goal achievement potentials. This also includes to investigate needs for new and improved tools, and to develop such tools.

The research is organised as case-studies in nine Norwegian and one Portuguese city. We collaborate with University of Oporto in parts of the project. We will work closely with a practice-based reference group, and with an international scientific advisory group. The project includes a PhD in public transport (Eva-Gurine Skartland). Cecilia Silva from Oporto also participate in the project.

Work packages

  • Effects of urban structure on the competitiveness of public transport
  • Effects of qualities of public transport systems on the competitiveness of public transport
  • Planning and decision-making processes - knowledge, methods and analyzes used
  • Improving GIS-based models with respect to analyze effects on public transport competitiveness
  • Statistical modeling using new public transport data
  • Synthesis and recommendations - implications for planning, land use development and public transport systems

Results are published in scientific and popular-scientific journals and conferences, and they will be posted on this website

Expert group

  • Professor Luca Bertolini, University of Amsterdam
  • Dr. John Stone, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Carey Curtis, Curtin University
  • Professor Petter Næss, NMBU (also PhD supervisor)
  • Professor Yngve Frøyen, NTNU
  • Gustav Nielsen, Nielsen Consulting

Reference group

  • Norwegian Public Roads Authorities
  • Asplan Viak
  • Vestfold county
  • Hordaland county
  • Sør-Trøndelag county
  • Hedmark county
  • Buskerud county
  • Rogaland county
  • Trondheim city
  • Hamar city
  • Kristiansand city
  • Bergen city
  • Tønsberg city

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0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00