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Weekday Journeys by Parents of Small Children

Authors: Heidi Kristine Syrdahl Erlandsen
Report nr: 298/1995
ISBN: 82-7133-947-8
Language: Norwegian
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The report is based on the material and social circumstances and timetables of everyday life which affect the journeys of families with small children. Analysis of data from the Oslo and Akershus 1990 travel habit survey reveals extensive use of cars to work among parents of small children compared to childless couples. Little use is made of public transport. Walking and cycling are alternatives over short distances. More parents with small children than couples with no children have two cars per household. There are fewer differences in car use between fathers and mothers than between partners with no children. One important reason for using a car to work is the need to transport children to and from kindergarten in the course of the journey to and from work


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