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Walking trips in Norway

Authors: Jon Martin Denstadli, Randi Hjorthol
Report nr: 641/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0336-1
Language: Norwegian
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The report gives results on walking trips in Norway. Data from the National Person Travel Survey 2001 (2001 NPTS) are analysed. In the 2001 NPTS more than 20.000 people aged 13 years and older were interviewed about their travel behaviour. Results show that the average walking distance is 1.1 km per day. Figures include regular walking trips, and walking to/from bus, tram etc. The most frequent pedestrians are people living in the big cities. This is, among other things, due to lower access to cars, limited parking areas, and shorter distances to shopping areas. Eleven percent of the trips done by car are between 400 metres and 1.1 km. Estimates show a great potential for replacing many of these trips by walking or cycling. Limiting access to car parking would be an effective way to achieve this.


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