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Travellers' valuation of traffic information based on work journeys

Authors: Marit Killi, Hanne Samstad
Report nr: 620/2002
ISBN: 82-480-0314-0
Language: Norwegian
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The survey was carried out in order to gain knowledge about travellers’ preferences with respect to traffic information and their willingness to pay for it. This kind of knowledge is useful in the planning of future traffic information systems. It could also contribute to a better understanding of how user benefits of traffic information should be included in cost benefit analyses of traffic information measures. The study was limited to people who commute by car to work in Oslo.The questionnaire was carried out using internet. We used stated preference techniques and produced "custom-built" questions for each respondent, in the sense that figures presented in some questions could depend on answers from previous questions. The willingness to pay for redused travel time, delay and travel time variability was found to be somewhat lower than experienced in other simular studies. How we chose to recruite travellers in this study may explain some of the discrepancy. Most of the respondents choose to receive information both before and during the trip to work and, though some were not intrested to pay for it, most respondents wanted more detailed traffic information in the future.


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