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Travel behaviour in Norway

Authors: Jon Martin Denstadli, Randi Hjorthol, Arne Rideng, Jon Inge Lian
Report nr: 637/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0332-9
Language: Norwegian
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More than 20.000 people are interviewed in the Norwegian national travel survey 2001. The survey gives information on the number of trips made, trip purpose, transport mode, and how travel behaviour differs with respect to age, gender, place of residence, income etc. On average, people 13 years and older make 3,1 trips per day. Most trips are short, 40 percent are shorter than three kilometres. 64 percent of the daily trips are taken by car (driver or passenger), 26 percent are non-motorised (walking/cycling), and nine percent are done by public transport. During a month 46 percent of the population make one or more long distance journeys. Two thirds of these trips are done by car, and 18 percent by air. However, air travel dominates on trips between Oslo and Bergen/Trondheim/Stavanger.


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