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Transport planning: County Level Involvment and Influence

Authors: Inger-Anne Ravlum, Tor Lerstang
Report nr: 562/2002
ISBN: 82-480-0249-7
Language: Norwegian
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Norwegian counties were supposed to participate in the work with theTransport Planning Programmes of the four transport agencies. The agencies were supposed to coordinate their work and facilitate joint measures such as junctions, terminals and public transport.The counties did not find the process participatory. Even though, the priorities of the Public Roads Administration and the counties’ priorities are in line with each other. This might be due to: i) the priorities of the counties are consistent over time, ii) the budgets do not give room for new measures, iii) the Public Roads administration and the counties have common interests. Those counties that have developed a comprehensive transport policy also had more influence, independent of how their participation was organised. The transport agencies have not coordinated their work with and have not put emphasis on junctions, terminals or public transport measures. Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management has not prioritised the regional co-operation. The National Costal Administration has participated, but rather passively. The Public Road Administration had the closest relations with the counties, while the National Rail Administration have improved their contacts with the counties during the process.


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