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Transport of masses from building sites

Authors: Knut Sandberg Eriksen
Report nr: 376/1997
ISBN: 82-480-0031-1
Language: Norwegian
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Municipality regulations of building heights and how deeply into the ground new buildings should be dug, lead to increased costs for the society and for the enterprises. This is shown by calculations based on three case studies. Regulations are given to secure neighbours’ rights to a nice view and a good environment. In these three examples the cost of preparing the building sites increases between 25 per cent and 130 per cent compared to the situation if zero transport of masses from the site was sought for. Construction firms bear 75 to 80 per cent of the total costs of society. Mass transport and depot costs are the most important factors. Local pollution and noise are the factors contributing most heavily to the external costs. Also contributing are road wear, congestion, soiling and accidents.


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