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Traffics two faces

Authors: Trygve Solheim, Harald Aas
Report nr: 390/1998
ISBN: 82-480-0047-8
Language: Norwegian

Traffic has positive effects and do severe damage on the environment. Increasing mobility, especially car use, is tightly linked to economic growth and is a basic part of our present lifestyle. Growth in mobility is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. Means to reduce negative effects, both on a global and a local level, exist, with the purpose of reducing og rerouting traffic, or shielding people. The obstacles are first of all on the institutional level, in lack of power and resources and in a tendency towards letting the market taking responsbility for succesfull implementation. The necessary policies consist in a combination of measures. At the same time the most realistic expectations probably lie in alternative to todays physical movements. The report has a form that should make its content available for the general public.


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