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Traffic safety of tram transport in Oslo

Authors: Fridulv Sagberg, Inger-Anne F Sætermo
Report nr: 367/1997
ISBN: 82-480-0020-6
Language: Norwegian
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Tram transport in Oslo amounts to about 3 million vehicle-km per year, or 80 million passenger-km. Tram accidents annually include 25 to 30 collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists, about 60 accidents with travellers on board the tram or during boarding/leaving, and almost 600 collisions with cars. The risk per vehicle kilometre is highest in streets with mixed traffic and streets with reserved lanes, somewhat lower for trams running alongside street or in street median, and clearly lowest on fully segregated track. Trams have 3.5 times the risk of buses on the same track for collision with cars, and 4 times for collision with pedestrian or bicyclists. Accidents incurred by travellers vary less between track types. On-board accidents occur about equally often in trams and buses, while accidents during boarding or leaving are somewhat more frequent for the trams. Based on international research literature, analysis of accident reports, and risk analyses, several traffic safety measures are suggested.


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