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The visibility of motorcycles and mopeds

Authors: Alf Glad
Report nr: 420/1999
ISBN: 82-480-0081-8
Language: Norwegian
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Motorcycles and mopeds are relatively more frequently involved in accidents in intersections than cars. In collisions between motorcycles/mopes and cars in intersections, car drivers are overrepresented as the guilty party. One explanation of this overrepresentation is that drivers fail to notice motorcycles/mopeds, but other explanations have been offered. Drivers may fail to notice two-wheelers because they have a shape and colour that make them blend with the background (camouflaging). Another explanation is that drivers have a visual set for other cars and for that reason fail to notice two-wheelers even when they are clearly visible. It is recommended to introduce measures that may increase the conspicuity of two-wheelers and change the visual set of drivers.


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