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The Seatraffic in The Barents Sea

Authors: Viggo Jean-Hansen
Report nr: 644/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0341-8
Language: Norwegian
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This report gives a picture of the present ship-traffic in the Barents Sea divided in six areas; five along the coastline of Northern Norway and one around Spitsbergen Isles. The ship-traffic comprises traffic with fishing vessels, seatransport of both passengers and goods. The report focuses on the increasing transit of oil tankers from the Russian seaports and oilfields in the eastern part of the Barents Sea. There is also given a forecast of the sea transport up to 2021 based upon Norwegian and Russian estimates for the demand for transport in the Barents Sea. The report gives an overview over laws and regulations for the seatransport in Norwegian and international waters in the area. Furthermore a list of aids of communication systems, navigation and control which can faciltate the sea transport is given. In the context are included regulations and proposals of such measures in the Norwegian and international waters of the Barents Sea.


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