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The empty running of road goods vehicles

Authors: Rolv Lea
Report nr: 395/1998
ISBN: 82-480-0052-4
Language: Norwegian
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38.9% of all empty running of road goods vehicles turns out to be done with vehicles that are not registered for any kind of trips with freight. These are mostly small vehicles that are probably not used for cargo transport in the true sense of the word. Compared with conditions in Great Britain, Norway had the same empty running level in 1994 that Great Britain had in 1973. In 1993 the empty running percentage in Great Britain was 29%. This shows that there is probably much room for a sizeable reduction in empty running in Norway. When corrected for small vehicles that only make empty runs, the empty running percentage is identical in the transport for hire and transport on own account markets. Claims that transport on own account is inefficient thereby seem to be groundless when it is measured as a percentage of vehicle-kilometres run empty.


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