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The Bergen Line - impacts of alternative railway scenarios

Authors: Annelene Holden Hoff, Anita Vingan, Petter Dybedal
Report nr: 1096/2010
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1142-2
Language: Norwegian
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This report provides insight into the travel patterns along the railway line between Oslo and Bergen ("Bergensbanen"), Norway’s two largest urban areas, and into the role of rail travel in relation to other modes. The dominant group of travellers are the commuters at both end sections of the line. However, the railway line also plays an important role for the tourism industry, not only for holiday destinations in Hallingdal, Flåm and Voss, but also as an experience in itself as an internationally recognised scenic railway line. The report furthermore analyses how passenger demand will be affected by alternative timetables and services, indicating what wider impact these may have in the areas adjacent to the line.


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