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Sustainable urban logistics: Guide for municipalities

Authors: Sidsel Ahlmann Jensen, Karin Fossheim, Olav Eidhammer
Report nr: 1755/2020
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1280-1
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Full report - in Norwegian only

This report is a guide for Norwegian municipalities to work towards a well-functioning and climate and environmentally friendly urban logistics. This is the first version of a guide for sustainable urban logistics planning in Norway. Urban logistics – the movement of goods, equipment and waste - is important for the development of vibrant and sustainable cities. So far, little attention has been paid to planning and policy formulation on this topic in Norwegian municipalities. There is a need to integrate urban logistics into municipal plans and strategies, ensure coordination across municipal sectors and strengthen participation with business. Urban logistics must be seen in relation to other forms of transport and users of public spaces. The guide describes key challenges, trends, supply chains and stakeholder groups in urban logistics, and presents approaches to how municipalities can contribute to more sustainable urban logistics. This includes instruments such as the municipal master plan, sustainable urban logistics plan, land use planning, participation with business, procurement of goods and services, and winter maintenance of public spaces. In addition, examples of measures such as urban logistics depot, consolidation center and charging infrastructure are described.


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