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Speed cameras (ATK) - Effects on speed

Authors: Arild Ragnøy
Report nr: 573/2002
ISBN: 82-480-0261-6
Language: Norwegian
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The effect of speed cameras has been studied at sites with speed cameras and sites between and after camera sites. The study has been made as a before and after study with comparison sites. Speed cameras reduce speed with 4-6 km/h at all camera sites. If the speed in the before situation is high, the effect is greater. The speed is reduced even at sites between and after camera sites. Here the effects are smaller than in camera sites. Using a laser pistol connected to a lap-top PC measurements have been taken in the direct vicinity of speed cameras. The results show that road users reduce their speed 1-2 km/h at the last 100-150 metres before a camera site. Then the speed again increases.


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