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Short Trips in European Countries

Authors: Trygve Solheim, Ingunn Stangeby
Report nr: 369/1997
ISBN: 82-480-0022-2
Language: English

This report is written as a part of the EU project WALCYNG. The topic is comparing travel behaviour between countries in Europe. The limit on how far people are willing to walk, whenever walking is seen as transport, is 1-2 km. The willingness to cycle longer distances differs between countries, but is normally about 3-5 km. Walking and cycling are frequently used as transport modes when the trip is the purpose in itself, and on trips for shopping and buying smaller goods. A car is much more a direct means of transport. Many short car trips are for shopping or transporting other people. Women walk more than men, and men are more often than women car drivers. In most countries men cycle as much at women or more. Young people walk or use a bike more than older people.


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