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Shared e-scooters in Oslo

Authors: Nils Fearnley, Siri Hegna Berge, Espen Johnsson
Report nr: 1748/2020
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0931-3
Language: Norwegian
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This report is an early mapping of shared e-scooters in Oslo 2019. Shared e-scooters in Oslo have proven immensely popular. Supply as well as demand sky rocketed during the summer of 2019. Shared e-scooters are used for relatively short trips and appear to meet the needs of in particular people who are late for meetings and other errands. A majority of e-scooter users is men, under the age of forty, and traveling to/from work or education. Two key challenges with shared e-scooters are high accident risk and littering. There is a clear need to regulate the market. Norwegian city authorities must take his responsibility.


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