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Scenarios for Sustainable Transport

Authors: Guro Berge, Øystein Engebretsen, Randi Hjorthol, Trond Arnljot Jensen, Inger Spangen
Report nr: 1121/1998
Language: Norwegian

In this report two scenarios for sustainable transport in an urban area are presented. They are called the behaviour oriented scenario and the technology scenario. The measures used in the behaviour oriented scenario are land use policy consisting of locating work places to central areas and public transport junctions, more densely developed residential areas and more residents to central parts, better public transport, restrictions on car use through parking policy and road pricing. The technology scenario concentrates on "clean" and renewable fuel. The demands on the technical standards for cars become more restrictive, and there will be high taxes on not renewable fuel. Alternative fuel will therefore be of greater interest. In the last chapter "the best" measures from both scenarios are combined.


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