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Road Traffic, air pollution and annoyance

Authors: Ronny Klæboe
Report nr: 404/1998
ISBN: 82-480-0062-1
Language: Norwegian

On the basis of three environmental surveys in 1987,1994 and 1996 with 1000 respondents each, we have explored the relationship between traffic, air pollution and annoyance. Air pollution calculations of NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 were calculated by the Norwegian institute for air research. Although the new main road system resulted increased trip lengths, an increase in road traffic and higher speed, the road traffic level near people's apartments was reduced by half. Average air pollut levels decreased by 40-50 percent. People were significantly less annoyed by dust/grime and exhaust/odour in 1996 than in 1987. Of the different air pollution measures, 3-month average levels seemed to explain more of the variance in people's responses than did 98-percentiles or maximum levels. Further work is necessary in order to establish more robust exposure-annoyance relationships.


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