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Road safety effects of micromobility - E-scooters

Authors: Alena Katharina Høye, Vibeke Milch
Report nr: 1960/2023
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1406-5
Language: Norwegian
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The increased use of e-scooters in recent years has resulted in many accidents and problems for other road users. Stricter rules have therefore been introduced in Norway, such as an age limit (12 years), a legal blood-alcohol limit (as for cars), and a helmet law (under 15 years). Accident risk is about 5-6 times as high for e-scooterists as for pedal cyclists. Typical injuries in e-scooter accidents are head- and face injuries. Especially face injuries are often very serious. About 90% of the accidents are single accidents. Typical accidents are falls or rollovers in contact with curbstones. Handling e-scooters leads to injuries as well. Collisions with motor vehicles are more seldom, but more serious on average. Other road users in collisions with e-scooters are mostly pedestrians. The use of e-scooters mostly replaces walking and only very few car trips. To avoid conflicts with e-scooters, pedestrians, especially elderly and people with impairments, often change route or transport mode.


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