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Review of the Zambia Road Sector Programme - Final Report

Authors: Henning Lauridsen, Ulf Brudefors and Tyson Ngoma
Report nr: 502/2001
ISBN: 82-480-0179-2
Language: English
Attachments Summary

The current NORAD supported Road Sector Programme in Zambia focuses on institutional strengthening of Roads Department and support to the department’s training school. Programme effectiveness appears low at this stage. Some outputs have started to take effect but impacts are limited. Sustainability is low with the exception of the training school’s labour-based section. Further support is needed and should comprise two elements, institutional and human resource development and possible support to upgrading of National Park roads. A programme for institutional development of road administration and support to a new road sector training institute is outlined. The current institutional framework is weak. Conditions in respect of a new framework for the sector and for training are therefore introduced.


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