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Regional Impacts of a new Trunk Road Nordfjordeid-Volda

Authors: Jomar Lygre Langeland, Petter Dybedal
Report nr: 1114/1998
Language: Norwegian

This report presents the results from a study of regional impacts of a new trunk road Nordfjordeid-Volda. In this report regional impacts means possible impacts for business activity and business transport, tourism, public transport, accessability to destinations in the region, population, labour market and service industry. Three alternative routes have been studied: Austefjordalternativet, Kvivsvegalternativet and Fergealternativet. The defined influence area includes 14 municipalities: Eid, Hornindal, Volda, Ørsta, Stryn, Stranda, Hareid, Ulstein, Herøy, Sande, Vanylven, Selje, Vågsøy and Gloppen. Regional impacts are described both for each municipality and for the total influence area. The report concludes that Kvivsvegalternativet will have the most positive regional impacts. This route will improve the accessability significantly between the municipalities in Indre Nordfjord and Ytre Sunnmøre. Kvivsvegen will tie two different labour markets together.


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