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Regional effects of Olympic Winter Games in Tromsø 2018

Authors: Hanne Samstad, Viggo Jean-Hansen, Jens Kristian Steen Jacobsen
Report nr: 937/2008
ISBN: 978-82-480-0843-9
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0844-6
Language: Norwegian
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For Tromsø to be a candidate city for the 2018 Winter Olympics, financial guarantees from the State are necessary. The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development commissioned a project for assessment of potential regional effects of the event, based on an application developed by Tromsø 2018. Given the objectives of the government’s rural and regional policy, the 2018 Winter Olympics in Tromsø would not be the optimal use of public funding. The potential for long-term regional effects might be increased since the previous application due to, inter alia, the government’s High North strategy. However, the realisation of the potential depends on several uncertain factors. Hosting the Winter Olympics would probably reduce the relocation of people from Northern to Southern Norway, but increase centralisation towards Tromsø.


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