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Reducing car use through e-scooters: A nudging experiment

Authors: Bjørn Gjerde Johansen
Report nr: 1875/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1921-3
Language: English
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During the 2021 season, Bolt experimented with in-app information in several European cities to “nudge” users from ride hailing to e-scooters: Given a set of criteria, one of the ride hailing alternatives in the app menu would be replaced by an option for e-scooter rental. This report analyses data from these experiments. We find the share of nudged users choosing e-scooter to be significantly higher in virtually all experiments. The e-scooter shares among nudged users are 0.4-3 percentage points higher than for the control groups, constituting a 40-200 percent increase in e-scooter use for the nudged sessions. In Oslo, where results are strongest, at least 55 percent of the e-scooter trips caused by the nudge replaced ride hail trips. Taken together, results demonstrate that nudging users through changing information in multimodal interfaces can be an effective way of switching users away from cars, at no cost to the user.


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