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Reduced BAC limit - less drinking and driving?

Authors: Terje Assum
Report nr: 530/2001
ISBN: 82-480-0214-4
Language: Norwegian
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The Institute of Transport Economics, Norway has carried out a survey on the effect of the reduced BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limit of 0.02 per cent in Norway which took effect January 1, 2001. 3001 driver's license holders were interviewed before and after the amendment. The percentage of drivers claiming that they will drink no alcohol before driving has increased from 82 to 92 percent, thus the distinction between driving a motor vehicle and drinking alcohol has become sharper. However, there is no difference in the percentage of drivers saying they are at least a little likely to drive with a BAC above or below the former BAC limit. It is a well-known fact that drivers influenced by alcohol and involved in accidents have on the average much higher BACs than 0.05 percent. This study cannot show whether the number of alcohol-related road accidents will be reduced as a consequence of the reduced BAC limit. It is of utmost importance that a follow-up study on alcohol-related accidents be carried out.


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