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Public Transport: Perception contra realities in access and usage

Authors: Tanu Priya Uteng, Nils Gaute Voll
Report nr: 1502/2016
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1315-0
Language: Norwegian
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Through coupling NTS 2013/14 data and the national database on public transport frequency and timing database, we have analyzed the relationships between perceived and actual public transport supply. Descriptive analysis highlights that the perceived and objective commuting time converge to a certain extent. This result suggests that people have a realistic perception of travel time on public transport. A multivariate analysis was also done and among the key findings was that men estimate the travel time to be lower than women when controlling for other factors. High population density had significant influence both in Nord-Jæren and Oslo, but had opposite effects in the two areas. The variables associated with automobile use (driver's license, domestic cars and parking) were statistically significant for discrepancy in travel time estimation in Nord-Jæren, but no such effects were found in Oslo. Perception of public transport varies greatly between urban areas with a mature public transport culture, as opposed to areas with car-based mobility culture.


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