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Public transport for everyone: The role of the bus driver

Authors: Julie Runde Krogstad, Ross Owen Phillips, Siri Hegna Berge
Report nr: 1683/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2215-2
Language: Norsk bokmål
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The report uses document analysis, interviews and a questionnaire survey to understand factors influencing how bus drivers provide service to passengers with varying needs. The study area is Telemark and Vestfold in Norway. The survey indicates that bus drivers are generally extremely helpful. They have autonomy on the bus and are themselves responsible for resolving situations in which passenger needs conflict with those of safe and effective driving. Different ways of interpretating and resolving problems can mean that passengers experience inconsistencies from bus drivers. Bus drivers agree that they are encouraged to prioritise service over punctuality, but one out of three say that they have little time to help passengers in practice. Measures to help drivers provide service for all are more proactive and effective communication to promote service, campaigns aimed at increasing passenger understanding, improved standardisation on bus and stop design, and harmonised service technology,


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