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People's reactions to vibrations in dwellings from road and rail

Authors: Ronny Klæboe, Aslak Fyhri
Report nr: 443/1999
ISBN: 82-480-0106-7
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Summary

In connection with the development of a new Norwegian Standard for measuring vibrations in buildings from road and rail traffic, and judging their effects on people, an environmental survey has been undertaken in 14 areas in South East Norway.Telephone interviews with 1503 respondents have charted people's responses to vibrations in their homes from road- and rail traffic, while vibration values in each dwelling have been calculated by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. Statistical analyses indicate that it is not necessary to distinguish between vibrations from different sources Exposure effect curves utilising the vibration values specified in the standard on logarithmic form show good fit. Exposure-effect relationships have been used to classify buildings into four classes, A to D. The level of vibrations in class C corresponds to a noise level of about 55 dBa. Results show that people are annoyed and experience activity disturbances at quite low vibration values, and that guidelines should be somewhat stricter than previously thought.


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