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Parking Policy and Sustainable Urban Development

Authors: Jan U Hanssen
Report nr: 615/2002
ISBN: 82-480-0309-4
Language: Norwegian
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The report discusses how parking measures may influence on car use in urban areas. An important aspect is the possibility to influence on the urban development (density, locational preferences) in order to avoid urban sprawl. Parking policy is complicated and embraces a multitude of challenges for local authorities. The report refers to examples of parking policy from different countries and cities. A special challenge for cities is to avoid losing control with the provision and use of parking spaces. Because peak hour traffic is greatly influenced by employers offering their employees free parking it is necessary that local and central authorities cooperate in order to define acceptable alternatives. In a region where several communities compete for trade and jobs it is not possible for one community alone to define and implement a restrictive parking parking policy. Authorities will therefore have to cooperate about a common, regional policy.


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