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Parking policy and supply in the Follo region of Norway

Authors: Jan U Hanssen
Report nr: 778/2005
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0517-8
Language: Norwegian
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There are seven municipalities in the Follo region south of Oslo. The parking policy is not coordinated between them. In order to provide a basis for future planning this report describes the situation in the densely populated areas. The information has been provided by the municipalities. Parking policy in practice is mainly focused on the provision of sufficient parking space according to municipal standards. The municipalities do not have standards for bicycle parking. The provision of space for park-and-ride is generally not considered to be a municipal responsibility. The municipalities do not apply parking restrictions as an instrument to achieve goals in other sectors (land use, environment). The report points to the need for a regionally coordinated parking policy which also supports the more restrictive policy in Oslo. This report is available only in electronic version


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