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Norwegian Coastal Traffic

Authors: Torhild L. Barlaup
Report nr: 1099/1998
Language: Norwegian
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This report summarizes information about domestic freight transport by sea, and compares the amount of freight transport by the different modes over time. From 1980 to 1996 sea and rail transport have lost significant shares of the total domestic transport volume to road transport. In 1980 13 per cent of the freight volumes were transported by sea, decreasing to 7 per cent in 1996. For domestic transport, sea had a market share of 58 per cent of the tonkilometres in 1980, while road had a share of 32 per cent. In 1996 35 per cent of the tonkilometres carried out by sea and 55 per cent by road. Rail has had a constant share of 9-10 per cent of the tonkilometres in this period.


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