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New Rural Public Transport Solutions

Authors: Edvin Frøysadal, Bård Norheim
Report nr: 478/2000
ISBN: 82-480-0151-2
Language: Norwegian
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The report summarises a trial scheme for the development of rural public transport in Vest-Agder county, based on dial-a-bus services, and compares the results with trial schemes elsewhere. The project is a part of the Norwegian Department of Transport and Communication's Trial Scheme for Public Transport, which promotes efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions. The scheme ran from October 1997 to end 1999. The main objective was to improve social equality by improving public transport services to young people and to the elderly. Adjustments to route structures and to the way the services were operated led to large increases in vehicle-kilometres and passenger numbers, and to large reductions in subsidies per passenger. The success rested on proper information and uncomplicated service-booking. Experience from this trial scheme and from similar schemes elsewhere indicate four areas where rural public transport will face challenges in the future: - Market efficient transport solutions - Cost efficient transport solutions - Dynamic product development - Allocation of responsibility


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