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Moped crashes in Norway 2007-2016

Authors: Alena Katharina Høye
Report nr: 1591/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2085-1
Language: Norwegian
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The report summarizes results of in-depth studies conducted by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration of 27 fatal moped crashes in Norway in 2007-2016. The annual numbers of fatal and non-fatal moped crashes have decreased over time. The prevalence of a number of rider and vehicle related risk factors has decreased as well, especially drunk, unlicensed and unhelmeted riding, tuned up mopeds and male riders. Most fatal moped crashes are single or head-on crashes. Moped crashes at intersections are on average less severe. In most fatal moped collisions, the moped has been the triggering party. The most relevant risk factors were drunk riding, unhelmeted riding, falling off helmets, unlicensed riding, and young and/or inexperienced riders. Most fatal crash involved riders were under 20 years. However, riders above 40 years are overrepresented in fatal crashes. In about every fourth fatal crash the involved moped had a technical defect and 59% were tuned up.


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