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Miniscenario: increased use of e-bikes

Authors: Aslak Fyhri, Ole Aasvik
Report nr: 1625/2018
ISBN: 978-82-480-2131-5
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2130-8
Language: Norwegian
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Sales of e-bikes have increased in recent years. This report investigates whether this will lead to an increased risk of bicycle accidents, and what are the risk factors for e-bikes. Some international studies have suggested that e-bikes have higher speed and higher risk, especially for elderly and for women, but the majority of studies do not find any increased risk of e-bikes. We conducted a survey of 6237 people in 9 Norwegian cities about cycling and bicycle accidents, as well as a follow-up survey of 390 respondents who had a bicycle accident. The results of the survey do not indicate that e-bikes have a higher accident risk than other bicycles. Women, especially the elderly, were overrepresented in e-bike accidents, but this may be related to exposure. There were more balance-related accidents among e-bike users. To conclude: the risk for cyclists will not increase because of increased e-bike sales.


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