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Longer and heavier goods vehicles in Norway. Status by October 1st. 2009

Authors: Olav Eidhammer, Michael Wøhlk Jæger Sørensen, Jardar Andersen
Report nr: 1040/2009
ISBN: 978-82-480-1013-5
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1012-8
Language: Norwegian
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In the trial with European modular system (EMS) (longer and heavier goods vehicles) for road freight transport on selected roads in Norway until now only a few truck owners and freight forwarders has used the opportunity to test the effects. The reasons for not to take part in the trial are that (1) too little of the road network is allowed for the trial with longer and heavier goods vehicles, (2) use of the European modular system did not correspond with the customers logistic solutions and (3) and to take part in the trial require to huge investments in new transport equipment. Traffic surveys in 150 hours at Svinesund indicate that 29 out of 67 modular goods vehicles (43 %) are Swedish while Danish and Polish counts for 16 % each. Only 6 of the modular goods vehicles was Norwegian. A technical inspection of EMS goods vehicles identified that the most common defects was: Incorrect signboard, too short distance between first and last axle and the total length of the EMS is more than 25.25 m. A literature survey based on evaluation reports and trials in selected EU countries indicate that except for Germany all countries conclude that the European modular system gives an overall positive effect.


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