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Land Use Projections Tools – Procedures for gathering Land Use Data

Authors: Marianne Knapskog, Oddrun Helen Hagen, Chi Kwan Kwong, Erik Bjørnson Lunke
Report nr: 1637/2018
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2149-0
Language: Norwegian
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We have investigated potential data sources that can deliver data in land use projections, and what kind of improvements that is needed to get satisfactory data for use in a projection tool. The projection tool could be used on its own or to make land use projections as input for the regional transport model RTM. We found several sources that could deliver in-data on the current situation, but that sources has empirical shortcoming and are not compatible enough to be used as they are. None of the sources can be used without alterations. The use of standardized data from the Municipal Master Plan, planning databases for future housing and businesses as well as attractiveness variables, can better the situation for employees and parking, but only partially with respect to visitors. This means that there is a need for further collection of data but also standardisation of planning databases and testing of new variables suitable for better land use projections.


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