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Knowledge guidance for Norwegian sustainable urban logistics planning

Authors: Karin Fossheim, Jardar Andersen, Olav Eidhammer, Astrid Bjørgen
Report nr: 1588/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2082-0
Language: Norwegian
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This report summarises relevant information and existing knowledge regarding urban logistics, acting as guidance for future urban logistics planning among Norwegian local authorities. It defines urban logistics, outlines potential policy measures and presents available data and indicators to be used in measuring urban freight activities. Also, a planning guidance is provided containing an overview of European, National, Regional and Local laws, plans and visions/motivations which might affect urban freight planning locally. Stakeholder cooperation and within-municipal engagement are considered key in urban logistics planning. Throughout, examples from Norwegian cities and European cases are included to illustrate the current situation and provide information of solutions for other municipalities.


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